Buy Bulk Disposable Gloves in Glasgow

Our lives are so uncertain right now with what’s going on round the world. But one thing that is certain - you have the chance to take all the steps you can to protect yourself and those around you. At Quantum Hygienics, we are proud to play our part in helping Britain find a new sense of normal where we are all more conscious around preventing the spread of infectious disease. We work closely with manufacturers to source and supply the best standard of protective equipment to the British public. One of these products is our disposable hand gloves on offer in Glasgow, wider Scotland or further afield in the UK. Our HDPE and Vinyl (PVC) disposable gloves are traditionally used in sectors like medical care and food safety; however, anyone and everyone can really benefit from using disposable gloves during the unprecedented times we’re facing. This page will walk you through everything you need to know about disposable gloves like their design and benefits; best practice to follow for wearing them; and information about our deals that allow you to buy bulk disposable gloves in Glasgow and beyond. 

Disposable Protective Gloves

Our trusted team at Quantum Hygienics ensure that the disposable gloves we source and sell are of a high standard that will optimally protect our customers. We supply both HDPE and PVC gloves to the UK. Here are some of their features.

HDPE Disposable Gloves

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) disposable gloves are ideally suited to individuals in a whole host of sectors from catering to medical. They are designed to protect your hands from harsh harmful chemicals, as well as from any polluting particles or germs and dust. They are powder free and latex free disposable gloves for sensitive skin, making them suitable for those with skin prone to allergic reactions to these materials. These clear disposable gloves come in size Medium and Large, and are available to buy in bulk to ensure you are stocked up when you have to dispose of them after every use.

Disposable Vinyl (PVC) Gloves 

Regardless of your hand size or the context that you are using them in, our PVC gloves are multifunctional and can be worn by anyone for hygiene protection. They are vinyl, powder free disposable gloves that are available to buy in bulk in Small, Medium, Large and XL. They therefore offer protection to, even those who require ones suited for sensitive skin. The way they are designed and produced offers a truly seamless wearability so that your hands have maximum protection from polluting particles.

Disposable Gloves Best Practice 

To reap the benefits of wearing disposable gloves - like keeping your hands clean and dry, and germ free - it is important that you follow best practice. Before you put on a fresh pair of disposable gloves, whether they are HDPE or PVC, it is always best to thoroughly wash your hands or apply hand sanitiser first to prepare them. Carefully examine the disposable gloves before you put them on to ensure that there are no tears or areas for contamination to occur.


Then, for whatever purpose you are wearing the gloves, like simply going outside anywhere these days, you must at all times never touch your face whilst wearing them. This is just as bad as doing so with no gloves on. Always carry hand sanitiser when you are wearing the gloves so that, upon removing them, you can apply it straight away. To take the disposable gloves off, hold the opposite glove around the wrist area and carefully slide it off, refraining from touching the bare hand with the outside of the glove at any point. Keep the first glove on that hand and use it to tuck the other one inside out so that they are both removed and folded into each other. Immediately discard them in a bin and apply sanitiser or wash your hands for 20 seconds or longer straight after.

Best practice for wearing disposable gloves involves choosing a size that fits your hand snuggly as this will allow the most dexterity, and comfort, when you are wearing them and using your hands for everyday tasks.

Our Bulk Deals

At Quantum Hygienics in Glasgow, we offer top grade HDPE and PVC disposable gloves in bulk packs of 100 - our competitive prices can be found below:

Small Disposable Gloves PVC (100)       = £10

Medium Disposable Gloves PVC (100)   = £10

Large Disposable Gloves PVC (100)      = £10

XL Disposable Gloves PVC (100)       = £10

Medium HDPE Disposable Gloves (100) = £2.50 

Large HDPE Disposable Gloves (100)     = £2.50


About Quantum Hygienics

Quantum Hygienics are a Glasgow based company that set out to ensure we provide high quality service and products to our customers. We have sourced the highest specification equipment available in the hygiene sector and commit to offering you bulk deals at the best price possible. All of our hygiene equipment conforms to British and World Health Organization (WHO) standards and we ensure that the integrity of our brand focuses on helping protect the nation against preventable disease transmission. We strive to bring you products that maximise your chance of protecting yourself and wider society during these unprecedented times. We are proud to play our part in helping fight against the spread of infectious diseases.

Delivery Information

We deliver countrywide throughout the UK using designated couriers in your area. Whether it is a single box or a pallet, we pride ourselves on the speed of our service and customer care. Our deliveries are only available to UK Mainland customers only. We currently do not accept international orders and apologise if you are looking at us from outside the UK. We offer free delivery to orders priced at £50.00 or over. All other orders below this price will incur a £5.95 delivery fee. 

Orders you place with us before 1pm for items that we have in stock are normally dispatched on the same day and often delivered the next working day. Certain specific products are subject to an additional carrier charge, which we detail for those that this applies. We reserve the right to charge carriage and packing for certain larger products that might be delivered directly from the manufacturer. 

We hope you’ve found this useful for learning about all things disposable gloves. If you want to know anything else, get in touch with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.