Buy Bulk Respirator Face Masks in Scotland, UK

Our team at Quantum Hygienics carefully source and supply some of the highest grade respirator face masks in Scotland. We work closely with the manufacturers of the KN95 Respirator Face Masks to guarantee that we sell protective equipment that maximises the potential protection for our customers. Within this page you’ll find all you need to know about respirator face coverings, like their features; the best practice for using them; details of our wholesale bulk buying offers; and delivery information. If this sounds good, keep on reading.


If you are looking to buy respirator face masks for your business in Scotland, or to stock up for your house for the chilly months ahead in the UK, Quantum Hygienics is the right place to be. The ongoing global situation is unprecedented and uncertain. The only thing that is certain though is that you must play your part to try and adapt to a new way of living where health and safety must come at the forefront of everything we do. A way of adapting to the new normal is through consistent and appropriate usage of respirator face masks as a protective measure. It is vital that we don’t become complacent and that we follow the science to protect ourselves and the people around us. Purchasing and wearing our respiratory face masks is an effective way of playing your part to help stop the spread of transmissible diseases. 

N95 Respirator Face Masks

The respirator face masks on offer to buy in bulk at our company are manufactured to ensure high efficacy in their protection. The N95, or FFP2, filter that features in these DHUA-produced face masks comprise five layers that work together to optimise the prevention of particle transmission. These respirator face masks with a nose wire help you to fit and clip the top of the mask more snuggly onto your face - this creates a level of up to 95% protection. Despite all of these features, the mask is still lightweight and breathable whilst giving you peace of mind that you are protecting yourself and those around you from germs, dust, the spraying of liquids and other polluting particles. If you wear glasses and are constantly irritated by the fog that masks create on your lenses, our respirator face masks stop this happening from the very first use. The design of the masks allows you to fold them and carry them around with ease. If you choose to buy our respirator face masks in bulk, you can utilise all of these design elements at the same time as knowing you’re all stocked up and that you have made sure to get the best value for your money - especially at a time when everyone could benefit from a good saving.

Respirator Face Masks Best Practice

There are steps that you can take to better protect yourself using respirator face masks - we will walk you through the best practice. 

Wearing a mask is important but minimizing potential contamination of your mask is so important. 

One crucial thing to know before anything else is that the respirator face masks can be reused for up to forty hours due to the five layers in their N95 filter. Take account for the amount of time you have had one on and once you hit forty hours, it’s time to start wearing a new one.

But first - wash your hands. You should always wash them thoroughly for 20 seconds or longer. You should apply anti-bacterial gel or hand soap and water over your hands and wrists and ensure you clean the webs and ends of your fingers - areas that germs often hide when they go unchecked All of this should be carried out before you handle the respirator face masks to avoid contaminating it before you’ve even worn it. Look over the mask first to make sure there are no breakages that will harm its effectiveness. If this is the case, throw it away appropriately. If you think it’s intact then continue placing it over your face and tighten the nose wire at either side to fit it onto your face. 

Wear our reusable face masks when you are anywhere in public and have the potential to come in contact with those from other households. Maintain physical distancing and regularly apply hand sanitiser. All of these measures combined are going to give you the best chance of avoiding infection. Ideally do not pull the mask down to your neck as this opens up the chance for contamination, and always wash your hands or apply sanitiser before you remove it. Store our reusable face masks in a safe place tucked away from any potential contamination in your home or workplace.

Our Bundles

If you are looking to buy bulk respirator face masks in Glasgow, wider Scotland, or further afield in the UK, Quantum Hygienics have a great bulk buying offer for you. Our wholesale bundles are ideal for the following types of industries who must consider hygiene at all times, now more than ever: 

Bars, Catering, Clubs, Hotels and Restaurants; Commercial Cleaning Companies; Commercial & Industrial Sectors; Educational Establishments; Gyms, Leisure Centres, Sports Clubs; Hospitals, Clinics; and Nursing Homes. 

The savings you’ll get if you buy our N95 respiratory face masks in bulk will ensure that you are all stocked up, but at a lower cost.

Our reusable respirator face masks can be bought in bulk in the following deals:

- Each box of 10 reusable N95 face masks  = £6

- 5 Boxes of reusable respirator face masks = £25.   You SAVE £100. 

About Quantum Hygienics

Quantum Hygienics are based in Glasgow and our mission is to ensure that people across the UK have access to the highest specification equipment available in the hygiene sector. We have carefully sourced this for you and are committed to offering bulk deals that will offer you the best value. All of our hygiene equipment, like our reusable face masks, conforms to British and World Health Organization (WHO) standards and our brand’s values are centred around helping equip the nation with the knowledge and protection against preventable disease transmission. We consistently strive to bring you products that give you and others around you the best possible chance of protecting one another during these hard times. We take pride in fighting against the spread of infectious diseases and are always trying to play our party in helping the country get back to a new sense of normal as soon as we all can.

Delivery Information

Our deliveries are available to be made throughout the UK by using designated couriers for each local area. Regardless of the size of the delivery, a single box or a pallet, we take pride in our delivery speed, complemented by excellent customer service. Currently, our deliveries can be made to UK Mainland customers only and we cannot accept international orders. We truly apologise if you are looking at our site from outside the UK. Orders that are valued at £50.00 or above can benefit from free delivery. All lower valued orders are subject to a small delivery fee of £5.95. 

If your order is placed before 2pm and we have all the items in stock, we normally dispatch your order the same day and it will often be delivered the next working day. Certain specific products are subject to an additional carrier charge, which we clearly identify at the point of order. We reserve the right to charge carriage and packing for certain larger products that might be delivered directly from our manufacturer. 

We hope we have covered all things respirator face masks for you. But, if there is anything else you want to find out, reach out to us and we shall get back to you as soon as possible. We hope you’ll take advantage of the prices we’ve secured for you and buy our respirator face masks in bulk.