Buy Bulk Vinyl Gloves in Scotland

Life across the globe right now is steeped in uncertainty and caution. To protect yourself and others around you, it is important to take the necessary measures that reduce the instance of spreading transmissible diseases. As the third lockdown begins to ease across Britain, it is crucial that we do not let our guards down and still act with precaution, regardless of where you work or what your role is. 

At Quantum Hygienics, our team have sourced the highest-grade health, safety, and hygiene products that equip our customers with the means of reducing their chance of catching or spreading infectious diseases. Our vinyl gloves are one key element within our product portfolio that can help with this mitigation. Although vinyl (PVC) gloves were used prior to the events of the last year or so in industries like food safety, and the medical field, they are more than suitable to be employed and worn by individuals in any context that is appropriate. 

If you want to be walked through the key points of important when it comes to PVC gloves, and find out more about how to buy vinyl gloves in bulk from Quantum Hygienics, keep reading. We will outline their design and its implications, the best practice to carry out for donning vinyl gloves, and the features of our bulk deals available to those in Glasgow, wider Scotland, and further afield in the UK.

Disposable Vinyl Gloves UK

Quantum Hygienics have procured disposable vinyl gloves from manufacturers that we know supply top grade quality products. In supplying vinyl gloves to individuals, households, and organisations across the UK, we know that the quality of these products maximises their efficacy for protection. Their features allow them to do this successfully – here are some outlined.

Disposable Vinyl (PVC) Gloves 

The vinyl gloves that we sell in bulk are ideal for any wearer to protect themselves, despite what their hand size is, or the circumstances that they are wearing them in. Their universality makes them extremely useful within a wider arsenal of protective gear, like protective goggles, face mask coverings, and hand sanitiser. The disposable gloves are designed to be powder free and made from vinyl material that reduces the potential for irritation of those with sensitive skin types. The option exists to purchase them in bulk across various sizes – small; medium; large; and xl. They help protect your hands from harmful chemicals and germs, dust, and other polluting transmissible particles. They are designed as a glove to be seamless so that they are wearable for longer periods of time with minimal discomfort. 

Check out out our vinyl glove selection below.

Disposable Vinyl Gloves Best Practice 

In order to unlock the benefits of wearing vinyl gloves, there are several steps you can take that follow best practice in maintaining clean, dry, germ-fee hands.

As a preparatory step before dealing with vinyl gloves at all, you must always ideally wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and water for 20 seconds or more or apply and rub in hand sanitiser in the same approach. Before you put on your gloves, carefully check them over to identify any points that they might be compromised like small tears that can lead to contamination. 

When you have then carefully slid the gloves on, always remember to never touch your face when you are wearing them, especially areas like your eyes, nose, mouth or ears, which are prime for infection. The same transmissible particles will be transferred via your glove just as they would your bare hand. Carrying hand sanitiser with you at all times is a key measure to take so that when you remove the gloves, you can apply sanitiser straight away. 

To remove the vinyl gloves in a safe, precautious way, these are the steps to take. First, hold the glove on your opposite hand by the wrist area and carefully remove it using this wrist area, without ever touching that bare hand with the outer sides of both gloves. Use the hand with the glove remaining to hold onto the removed glove and tuck the one you are still wearing inside out so that they are both folded in on each other with the exposed outer sides folders inwards. Dispose of them in a bin straight away and apply hand sanitiser for no less than 20 seconds.

When you are picking vinyl gloves to buy in bulk, ensure that the size you choose will fit your hand snuggly so that you can wear them for extended periods of time with comfort and dexterity.

Our Bulk Vinyl Gloves Deals

At our Glasgow based company, Quantum Hygienics are proud to supply top grade vinyl gloves in bulk packs of 100. Each size of gloves in their bulk deals can be seen below: 

    Small Vinyl Disposable Gloves (100)    = £8

    Medium Vinyl Disposable Gloves (100)    = £8

    Large Vinyl Disposable Gloves (100)    = £8

    Vinyl Disposable Gloves xl (100)    = £8


About Quantum Hygienics

We are a Glasgow based brand in Scotland and set out to source and supply the best quality PPE products across the UK, accompanied by a consistently high level of customer service and deliveries. The PPE that we sell all strictly adheres to the British and World Health Organisation (WHO), ensuring that the integrity of our brand is maintained, and we can offer the best level of protection for those living across Britain. Everything we do as a company ensures that Briton’s are equipped to protect themselves and play their part in protecting wider society at large through being mindful and precautious when it comes to curbing the spread of infectious disease. As the UK makes it out of this difficult time, we are proud to play our part in helping those across the nation adapt to a new sense of normality. 

Delivery Information

Our products can be delivered across the UK through our use of designated couriers that cater to specific regions and areas. Whether your order consists of an individual box or a pallet of boxes, we aim for our delivery speed and customer care to be consistent across all orders. At present time, we do not accept orders to international markets, and we only are available to send orders to those within mainland United Kingdom. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause if you are looking at our site from outside the UK. If your order is priced at £50 or more, you can enjoy free delivery on us. All orders below this value of £50 will be subject to a fee of £5.95.

 If you place your order with us before 1pm on a given working day, and we have your items in stock, we strive to dispatch your order for you on the following working day. An additional carrier charge may be applied to specific products that we offer, but you will be made fully aware of this before you confirm your purchase. We reserve the right to charge packing and carriage for larger goods that may have to be delivered directly from their manufacturers. 

 We hope you feel inspired to buy, wear and use disposable vinyl gloves within your daily activities to help stop the spread of infectious disease across the world. Remember you can get stocked up and have peace of mind that you have plenty available by buying our vinyl gloves in bulk. If you need our help with any queries or concerns, get in touch with our team and we will reply to you as soon as we can.