Buy Bulk Wholesale Safety Goggles in Glasgow

At Quantum Hygienics, we source the highest grade hygiene safety gear to ensure that our customers are fully protected during these unprecedented times. One of our core products on offer is our safety goggles that we have procured from trusted manufacturers who we work closely with to ensure their integrity and quality. Safety goggles are a key piece of PPE for use within a whole host of environments, like primarily healthcare and laboratories - even those that perhaps would not have adopted wearing these before the events of last year. Wherever you work or operate, Quantum Hygienics should be your first choice for where to buy safety goggles in Glasgow, wider Scotland, and the UK.

On this page, we delve into all things safety goggles to provide you with the pertinent information that you need for buying and wearing them. We will take you through issues like - why safety goggles are important; then how and where to wear safety goggles; how to clean them; and how to keep them from fogging. After explaining this best practice, we then outline how much it will cost to buy bulk wholesale safety goggles from Quantum Hygienics and get all stocked up. Our delivery information will then be outlined. Keep reading if this sounds helpful.

Safety Goggles PPE at Quantum Hygienics

The safety goggles we supply at Quantum Hygienics have been developed with you in mind. They are specifically modelled and produced in a design that ensures maximum comfort for the wearer, which is vital if the goggles are to be worn for prolonged periods of time. Understanding why safety goggles are important is easy  - they form a physical barrier over your eyes to protect you from any potential contamination from harmful particles. During a time where every move we make has to be carefully considered and deemed to be safe and protective, a piece of PPE like safety goggles are of even greater importance than ever before. Those working in chemical plants, construction sites, or hospitals are at risk of coming into contact with hazardous situations and should don safety goggles as a key element for overall safety. Therefore, when to wear safety goggles should be determined on an individual basis depending on where you work and what you are being exposed to throughout the day.


What are safety goggles made of to make them so wearable and comfortable, yet highly protective? Well, the medical safety goggles that we offer are carefully designed with an adjustable strap to allow the wearer to alter it to their head size so that it fits snuggly. The soft rubber nose bridge allows you to wear them for extended periods of time with minimal discomfort, complemented by their soft flexible frame and metal-free design. These two features, and the general size and shape of the safety goggles ensure that they fit over glasses. Therefore, if you wear prescription glasses, and require space to have these underneath throughout your day, this style of safety goggles is ideal for you. Cleverly, the material used for the lenses has an anti-fog effect and so you no longer have to worry about how to keep your safety goggles from fogging up. The safety goggles are also splash resistant and anti-spray in their functionality and their efficacy has been confirmed through their FDA approval. They are reusable and you will therefore need some best practice for how to clean your goggles. This leads us nicely onto the next section.

Best Practice: How to Wear and Clean Safety Goggles

Now that you know more about the underlying design and functionality of the safety goggles, it is logical to now understand how best to wear them and clean them.

Despite how important it is to be wearing safety goggles in the first place, knowing how to properly wear them and clean them in between use is vitally important for preventing contamination. 

The first thing to keep in mind for how to wear safety goggles is that you should always prepare your hands before touching them or touching your face.  Thoroughly wash your hands with an antibacterial soap for 20 seconds or more, or apply anti-bacterial hand sanitiser, in both instances, targeting the webs of your fingers and fingernail areas as these can go unchecked easily. 

After ensuring that you will not cross contaminate, you can now handle your safety goggles with care. First, you should remove them carefully from your face, ensuring that you do not touch your eyes or mouth. Always, before and after using the goggles, check that the lens part is clear enough to see through and that the visibility through the lenses is not compromised.

After examining them, remove any dust or dirt by wiping them down with a clean cloth. Then, rinse the safety goggles thoroughly under lukewarm water until you have determined that they are clean and refreshed for further use - or you could submerge them in water or a special cleansing solution. To fully dry the goggles, use a microfiber cloth and ensure that they have been wiped down all over before storing them somewhere safe. This process should be repeated before and after every use. 

Our Bundles

At Quantum Hygienics, we have sourced some of the best safety goggles by UK standards and sell them at a price that is fair and reflects the quality of the item. You no longer need to worry about where to buy safety goggles in Glasgow, or wider Scotland and Britain. We ship to the whole of the UK. Our safety goggles are £5 per unit, a competitive and reasonable price for the efficacy and design of the goggles. They are available to buy in bulk wholesale so that you can stock up and ensure that you and others around you are protected at all times.

About Quantum Hygienics

Quantum Hygienics are a trusted business based in Glasgow. Our core brand values are centred around providing excellent quality service and products to our customers. We set out to source the highest grade hygiene equipment to supply to those across Britain who require protection during these tough times. We are committed to selling items in bulk deals that help you get the most out of your investment in safety gear - the products themselves are reliable and durable and will offer maximum protection. All of this equipment conforms to British and World Health Organization (WHO) standards and we focus on helping the UK protect themselves against the transmission of diseases. We are honoured to play our part in helping the nation integrate hygiene gear into our daily lives and adapt to a new sense of normal. 

Delivery Information

We offer our delivery service to all corners of the UK and utilise our network of designated couriers to ensure that deliveries are made to your area. With the varying sizes of our goods, whether you have purchased a single box or pallet of boxes, we ensure that deliveries are made swiftly whilst providing excellent customer care. We can only make deliveries to the UK area and so, if you are viewing us from further afield, we apologise that we cannot currently deliver to you internationally. Orders priced at £50 and above can enjoy free delivery, and all others under this price will be subject to a £5.95 delivery fee. 

If you place your order before 1pm, and your item is in stock with us, we normally dispatch your order the same day, to be delivered the next working day. We do, however, offer certain products that will incur an added carrier charge - details of these items will be made clear to you. We reserve the right to charge carriage and packing for certain larger products that might be delivered directly from the manufacturer. 

We hope we’ve given you some valuable tips for safety goggles here. If there is anything else you want to know or need help with, drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.