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One of our core best selling products at Quantum Hygienics is our potent 80% alcohol hand sanitizer. During the current situation in the UK, everyone across the country has had to adapt to a new sense of normal, which includes, ideally, the regular application of hand sanitizer. One way to designate an area for hand sanitization at the entrance, or at important points throughout a building, is to utilise a stand up hand sanitiser dispenser.

Using a stand up dispenser can act as a physical reminder to everyone to apply hand sanitiser at regular intervals; the power is - literally - in our hands to prevent the spread of transmissible disease through being cautious and mindful. On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know about stand up dispensers and how to buy them from our trusted suppliers at Quantum Hygienics.

Standing Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Applying hand sanitiser is a key step to fight against disease transmission. It can be used as an alternative to thoroughly washing your hands using soap when you have no access to do so, or as an additional measure in between. Whilst you are out in public, touching surfaces and objects that others have come into contact with, best practice involves regularly applying hand sanitiser when you are entering and leaving buildings. An effective way of creating a bold, visual reminder that people cannot miss, is to purchase and use a hand sanitiser dispenser station. These can be positioned at key areas throughout your building to ensure that those moving in and out of it are prompted to sanitise their hands. The sanitiser stations act as a core method of making this a habitual practice in everyone’s daily lives during a time that we all need to be making this behavioural change.

 At Quantum Hygienics, our sanitiser stations have a range of characteristics that make them the optimal choice for you to buy and use in your business. They are designed carefully to avoid the use of any mechanical, electrical, or electronic parts to minimise any health and safety risks. They are highly durable and are produced using materials that are easy to clean. They are free standing in their design and can therefore be moved around to different locations as required. The set-up and building process of the stations have been made quick and simple and require only the use of a screwdriver.

If you have been wondering where to buy hand sanitiser dispensers that are sleek in design, and can be easily integrated into professional environments, you do not need to look any further. You can have peace of mind that you are proactively encouraging those flowing in and out of your building to help protect themselves and others around them by intermittently using antibacterial sanitiser. 

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Hand Sanitiser 500mlHand Sanitiser 500ml

Our Sanitiser Stations & Bundles

How much does a hand sanitiser dispenser cost at Quantum Hygienics?

There has never been a better time to invest in our Stand Up Hand Sanitiser Stations for your property. Our Winter Sale is now in full force - you can purchase our sanitiser stations for half price! The sanitisation stations bought individually are now only £87.50. Originally £175, don’t miss out on cutting half the cost.

You can also make smart savings by choosing our Sanitiser and Sanitiser Station Deal. Priced at £220 only just recently, you can now buy for £120 and save £100. In this deal, you’ll get 25 x 500ml Sanitisers and a Sanitiser Station to get you set up and stocked up.

You can utilise the sanitiser stations in a variety of contexts where hygiene is paramount, including the following  industries: Hotels and Restaurants; Bars, Catering, and Clubs, Commercial Cleaning Companies; Industrial Sectors; Gyms, Leisure Centres, and Sports Clubs; Educational Establishments; Nursing Homes; and Hospitals and Clinics. 

You can view above and check out the individual hand sanitiser stations that we offer, as well as the bundle that they're available in alongside our hand sanitisers.

About Quantum Hygienics

Our brand is based in Glasgow and are driven by the mission of providing high quality health and safety products to those across the UK. The team at Quantum Hygienics have sourced some of the highest grade and specification equipment on the market and offer it at competitive prices. All of our hygiene equipment strictly conforms to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and British Standards. We ensure that everything we supply has the best chance of protecting those across Britain from preventable transmission of disease. Together, we can all play our part in helping each other reduce the spread of infectious disease, and give us all the best chance of getting through to the other side with health. We are proud of the role we play in helping British society incorporate safety measures into our daily lives and do so using the best quality of equipment.

Delivery Information

Our products are available for delivery across the UK, employing the use of designate courier services available in your local area. Single boxes, or pallets of goods, all benefit from the same level of speedy delivery and customer service. At present time, our orders can only be delivered to those living within the UK, and we do not accept international orders currently. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes.

For orders priced at £50 or over, we send your items to you for free. Orders priced below the £50 threshold are subject to a delivery fee of £5.95. If you make a purchase with us before 1pm, and the item is in stock, we aim to dispatch you order the same day, delivering it to you on the next working day. Specific products that we offer incur a carrier charge - details of this are clearly signalled with any products this applies to. We reserve our right to charge carriage and packing for bigger products that must be delivered directly from our manufacturers. 

We hope you’ve found this page insightful - if you have any questions regarding stand up hand sanitiser dispensers, or anything else we can help you with, get in touch right away.