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During these uncertain and irregular times, Quantum Hygienics are motivated now more than ever to help supply top grade safety gear to our customers across the UK to ensure they are equipped to protect themselves and those around them from transmissible diseases. A key product amongst our portfolio is the protective goggles we stock and sell, having sourced them from credible and trustworthy PPE manufacturers.

Before the events of the past year, protective goggles were a core element to wear in professions like laboratories and healthcare. However, they are now more commonplace and worn across a wider set of contexts in the bid to reduce the chance of infection and spread of diseases from person to person globally. If you are situated in Glasgow, Scotland, or the UK at large, our Scotland based company Quantum Hygienics are an excellent choice for you to buy wholesale protective goggles for you and your team. 

Here, we will outline key areas of importance that you should know for utilising protective goggles in your arsenal of safety gear. We will walk you through core information like why protective goggles are effective; how to clean and how to wear protective goggles; and how to keep your protective goggles from fogging up. Once this is all outlined, we give details on how to get stocked up through wholesale protective goggles from our company, and the delivery details that you need to know. Keep reading for all things protective goggles explained. 

Protective Goggles PPE at Quantum Hygienics

The protective goggles on offer at Quantum Hygienics have been carefully designed with your needs at the forefront. Our manufacturers have developed these protective goggles that maximises the comfort you will experience when you have to wear them for extended periods of time – perhaps even longer than you would have before the events of the past year or so. Explaining why protective goggles are important is totally intuitive: they are designed to form a physical barrier that covers your eyes to prevent transmission of particles reaching them and infecting you unknowingly. Goggles are therefore fundamental for virus protection. 

By this point, you will be highly aware of your personal responsibility towards protecting yourself and those in wider society by taking precautionary measures to contain infectious diseases. In your concerted effort towards doing this, protective eyewear goggles are a central piece of PPE that you can incorporate into your set of defensive measures, especially if you are in a set of circumstances where you may be exposed to a greater risk of harmful materials like in construction sites, chemical plants, or hospitals. These are all prime opportunities for transmission that wearing protective goggles will help reduce. The onus is on you to determine the health and safety protocols and responsibilities within your individual setting and ensure you are wearing protective goggles if it asked of your employer or the law.


What are protective goggles made off that affords them their comfort and wearability, whilst protecting you from particles? Our safety eye protection goggles are produced with an adjustable strap as a design element that lets you change the tightness to fit your respective head side, and make sure it is snug and comfortable. The soft rubber part that fits around the bridge of your nose helps reduce any discomfort that could arise if you have the goggles on for prolonged lengths of time. They are completely free of any metal and have a soft flexible frame, with their size and structure making them protective goggles that fit over glasses. Therefore, if you have been on the hunt for protective goggles to wear over your glasses and allow your vision to be maintained and sharp, these are a great choice for you and your prescription spectacles. 

They are even designed using anti-fog lenses to prevent any type of fogging from compromising your vision throughout the day. As well as this, their material makes them anti-spray and splash resistant, with FDA approval to signal their effectiveness. Due to their reusable nature as protective goggles, you should be aware of the best practice that you should follow for placing them on and off your face.

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Best Practice:

How to Wear and How To Clean Safety Goggles

Now that we have outlined the core design of the protective goggles we have on offer, and how this impacts their efficacy and functionality, it is best to instruct you on the best practice for how to wear, and how to clean protective goggles.

Although you are taking a really vital step by wearing protective eyewear goggles at all, it is just as important that you know how to take them on and off without causing preventable contamination that would spoil the effectiveness of wearing them at all.

Always keep in mind when you are going to touch your protective goggles, or your face for that matter, that you must prepare your hands by washing them thoroughly with an antibacterial soap for 20 seconds or more. Alternatively, apply and rub in hand sanitiser for the same amount of time till it is dried in. To cleanse your hands effectively, you should make sure to apply the sanitiser or hand wash all over your hands and wrists, paying attention to the webs of your fingers and your fingernail areas as these are largely left unchecked.

 Now that you have taken this preparatory step, you can handle your safety goggles with caution and care. To take them off, you must do so ideally by the legs at a point that does not touch any part of your face that is exposed and could cause contamination like your ears, mouth, nose, and eyes. Make a point before and after wearing your safety eye protection goggles to check that you have clear vision through the lenses and that your sight is not obstructed by any dirt or grime.

After doing this check, wipe them down thoroughly using a clean cloth and subsequently rinse the protective goggles using lukewarm water, or submerge them in a special cleansing solution or water with antibacterial soap. Once you gauge that they are clean for future use, dry them fully using a microfiber cloth, and then store them somewhere clean and safe. This precautionary process, tackling both your hands and protective goggles, should be followed prior to wearing them and taking them off every single time. 

Our Bundles

As a result of our mission as a company, our team at Quantum Hygienics have sourced some of the best protective goggles available in the market right now. If you have been searching around for where to buy wholesale protective goggles in Glasgow, Scotland, or further afield in the UK, you are in the right place. We are trusted suppliers of protective goggles to countless customers across Britain – wherever you are, we will ship our protective eyewear goggles to you with our speedy, convenient delivery service. You can buy our protective goggles for the price of £5 per unit, which is competitive and reflects their efficacious design. Furthermore, you can buy our protective goggles in bulk, wholesale so that you are all stocked up for you and those around you.

About Quantum Hygienics

Our brand and operations at Quantum Hygienics are centred around helping supply the best standard of protective equipment to those in need across Britain, at the best price points we can. Our team are committed to sourcing and supplying top grade products, driven by a level of service that motivates our customers to return time and time again. During these uncertain times, it is imperative that we use the protective equipment available in an appropriate and proper manner. That is why the likes of our safety eye protection goggles are offered with accompanying advice and best practice to help our customers don them in a way that maximises their protection. All of the safety gear that we stock strictly adheres to the British and World Health Organisation (WHO) standards to equip Britons across the country reduce the transmission of diseases. Our Glasgow based company are proud to play our role in helping the UK navigate its way out of the current crisis using the best protective equipment to do so.

Delivery Information

Our delivery service is available for purchases across the United Kingdom, where we employ a network of couriers designated per area to reach all corners of the UK. Our products vary greatly in size and weight – but we commit to ensuring that orders of all kinds receive the same degree of care and haste so that single boxes to pallets are all delivered as swiftly as possible. Our deliveries are only available to those within Britain; so, if you are interested in buying from us from out with the UK internationally, we are sorry to inform you that we cannot deliver to you at present time. 

Free delivery services can be enjoyed for orders priced over £50. All other orders under this value will incur a delivery fee of £5.95. All of our deliveries are handled with a consistently high standard of customer service. 

If you find yourself placing your order before 1pm – and we identify your item(s) as in stock with us – we usually dispatch your order that same day, with the aim of delivering it on the next working day. Some of our specific product offerings must be subject to an added carrier charge. Details of this will be outlined clearly before your purchase so that you are fully aware of the cost. We reserve the right to issue a charge for carriage and packing if the product you are buying is larger and delivered directly from our manufacturers. 

We hope you have found this page outlining our wholesale protective goggles valuable and worthwhile, and that our tips for best practice have given you some insight for using your protective goggles properly. If you have any other concerns or queries, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team and we will get back to you promptly.