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Quantum Hygienics are proud suppliers of powerful 80% alcohol hand sanitizer. Here you’ll find all you need to know about hand sanitisers; how they work; how best to apply and use them; our wholesale bundles; and our company and delivery information. Keep reading to find out more. Whether you are a business owner looking to buy wholesale sanitizer in Glasgow, or just want to stock up for your household or family for the winter months ahead, Quantum Hygienics is the right place to be. During the current unprecedented times, it has never been more important to do your part and be as careful and considerate as possible for the health and safety of yourself and others. The power is in your hands – quite literally – to stay on top of your personal hygiene using our hand sanitiser, formulated and developed with powerful disinfecting properties. Quantum Hygienics have designed our hand sanitisers at a grade that will eviscerate any germs you may pick up and spread throughout your busy day to day life.

Hand sanitizer best practice

Using hand sanitiser is a really important way of being proactive in fighting against the spread of diseases. Being mindful through regular application will significantly reduce the chances of you falling ill from any bacteria spread through touching surfaces or your face. We are proud to offer hand sanitizer that conforms to British scientific standards and The World Health Organization recommended Handrub Formulation 1 (04/2010) – that is, 80% alcohol by volume. 

There is a reason that hand sanitiser is being pushed and encouraged: there is no reported or probable resistance amongst bacteria to alcohol-based handrubs, which is the case with other antibiotics and antiseptic treatments. This is especially true for those above 60% - our’s are 80% and are intentionally designed at high levels to keep you safe and protected.

Applying our hand sanitizer frequently and appropriately, in combination with other protective measures like masks (which we also offer), will give you peace of mind, ensuring efficacy in their defence against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Purchasing sanitiser wholesale from our Glasgow based company creates bulk buying savings for you or your business. 

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Hand Sanitiser 100mlHand Sanitiser 100ml

How to use our hand sanitisers

It might seem obvious to say but there is a way of applying hand sanitizer that leads to greater effectiveness in combating bacterial transfer. We’ll explain how. The individual bottles dispense the sanitiser by pumping out 5ml per dose. Put this amount into the palm of your hand and you can get going. When massaging the liquid into your hands, the way the formula is designed ensures that your skin is left dry, soft and smooth as it evaporates. When rubbing it into your hands, try to achieve a full and even coverage and aim for a deep cleansing effect every single time you apply it. Pay particularly close attention to your fingers, nails and the webs between your fingers, as these are prime areas for bacteria to situate and go unchecked. Effective and thorough application should take around a minute to complete and this will significantly decrease the bacteria present for potential transmission. Ideally, let the liquid dry in fully and evaporate before you touch anything.

Our Bundles

Our hand sanitisers can be purchased in wholesale bundles with individual bottles available in two sizes: 100ml and 500ml. The smaller bottles are ideal for carrying with you in your pocket whilst on the move, reminding you to reapply it when you reach in for your phone. Positioning the bigger sized 500ml bottles throughout your workplace or at the entrance and exit to your building or home will help application become habitual.

Our wholesale bundles are ideal for the following types of industries who must consider hygiene at all times, especially right now: Bars, Catering, Clubs, Hotels and Restaurants; Commercial Cleaning Companies; Commercial & Industrial Sectors; Educational Establishments; Gyms, Leisure Centres, Sports Clubs; Hospitals, Clinics; and Nursing Homes.

You can make amazing savings by investing in our bundles - like buying 25 x 500ml Sanitisers and a Sanitiser Station for £120, which saves you £100. Make sure you’ve covered all bases with our range of Full Protection bundles like the large deal that includes - 90 x 100 ml Sanitiser; 1000 x 3 ply masks; and 120 Face Shields for £280, saving you £375. The savings you’ll generate through buying wholesale keep you backed up when your bottles run low, for a more efficient cost.

About Quantum Hygienics

Quantum Hygienics are a Glasgow based company that set out to ensure that we provide high quality service and products to our customers. We have sourced the highest specification equipment available in the hygiene sector and commit to offering you wholesale deals at the best price possible. All of our hygiene equipment conforms to British and World Health Organization (WHO) standards and we ensure that the integrity of our brand focuses on helping protect the nation against preventable disease transmission. We consistently strive to bring you products that will maximise your chance of protecting each other and wider society during these unprecedented times. We are proud to play our part in helping fight against the spread of infectious diseases and help the country get back to a sense of normality as soon as possible. 

Delivery Information

We deliver countrywide throughout the UK using designated couriers in your area. Whether it is a single box or a pallet, we pride ourselves on the speed of our service and customer care. Our deliveries are only available to UK Mainland customers only. We currently do not accept international orders and apologise if you are looking at us from outside the UK. We offer free delivery to orders priced at £50.00 or over. All other orders below this price will incur a £5.95 delivery fee. Orders you place with us before 1pm for items that we have in stock are normally dispatched on the same day and often delivered the next working day. Certain specific products are subject to an additional carrier charge, which we detail for those that this applies. We reserve the right to charge carriage and packing for certain larger products that might be delivered directly from the manufacturer.

We hope we’ve covered all things sanitizing here. But, if you want to know anything else, get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as we can.